New video: Five Fat Peas

In this month’s YouTube video Lucy Sparkles performs the rhyme ‘Five Fat Peas’.  Click ‘read more’ for EYFS and musical aims, lyrics and further activities.

EYFS Aims:

Mathematics (Numbers) To count to two and to use five fingers to represent five peas
Physical Development (Movement and Handling) To develop fine motor skills by engaging in finger play and to develop coordination and control through actions
Communication and Language (Listening and Attention) To listen carefully for a signal
Communication and Understanding (Understanding) To understand the meaning of words through actions
Understanding the World (The World) To understand that peas grow in a pod

Musical Aims:

To move in time with the pulse, to develop a sense of rhythm and to encourage musical memory using actions that relate to the words

Activities for ‘Five Fat Peas’

Babies: Hold your baby’s hand and move it to the pulse. Then gently squeeze their fingers one by one as indicated by the words. Slowly pull babies hands apart and clap them together as you say “pop”. Tiny babies can be gently rocked to the pulse.

Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers: Choose five children to curl up like a ball in the middle of the circle.  Tap them one at a time to stand up and stretch up high to the sky.  All the children fall down as you say “popped”.


Five fat peas in a peapod pressed.
One grew, two grew and so did all the rest.
They grew, and they grew, and they grew so fat,
Then the peapod popped – just like that!

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