Roly Poly Rhyme – Brand NEW Video!!!

This month Lucy Sparkles performs ‘Roly Poly’ with some of her little friends from Friday morning music at Punk Me Up Café in East Dulwich.  See below for EYFS and musical aims, lyrics and further activities.

Musical aims:

To develop a sense of rhythm

To understand the difference between fast and slow

To link movement with pitch

To develop inner hearing (this only applies if you complete the ‘further activities for pre-schoolers’ below)

EYFS Aims:

To develop upper body coordination and control and to adjust speed

To develop listening and attention through the playful ‘boo’ at the end and by using a lively voice with ups and downs

CL (U) & L (R)
To understand the meaning of words through actions

L (R)
To develop an awareness of rhyme

To introduce children to language to describe sounds including ‘fast’, ‘slow’, ‘up’ and ‘down’


Roly poly, roly poly, up, up, up.
Roly poly, roly poly, down, down, down.
Roly poly, roly poly, fast, fast, fast.
Roly poly, roly poly, slow, slow, slow.
Roly poly, roly poly, clap, clap, clap.
Roly poly, roly poly, hands behind your back.
One, two, three. Boo!

Further Activities for Pre-schoolers

Once the children know the rhyme well, try using the thinking voice for the action words only. E.g. Saying “Roly poly, roly poly” out loud and then thinking “up, up, up” silently with thinking voices. This will help to develop inner hearing. Make sure the children continue to do the actions when they are using their ‘thinking voices’ as this will help them to really hear the words in their heads as the words describe the actions.

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